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Oregon's premier producer of high-craft cannabis extracts. Our products are not only about the journey, but evoke a sense of place and destination. 

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Delight Your Senses

Nogero's single-origin, strain specific cannabis extracts deliver a full-flower expression that courts the palette.

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Delicate Delivery

Meticulously crafted with Terp Temp Technology, the MAXX comes to life in support of your craft experience.

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NOGERO's extracts are always single-origin. That's critical! We view ourselves as a stage for the farm. It's about them, and your maximum experience, of course! See you there.


From Seed to Soul


There are no cannabis products available for purchase on this website. NOGERO.com was created to serve the customer journey in service of the NOGERO brand. NOGERO.com is exclusively utilized to provide timely and contextually relevant information to NOGERO's customers, fans & followers, and to support the sale of NOGERO-branded merchandise. Future third-party e-commerce applications will connect the consumer to legal, retail points-of-sale within the State of Oregon where NOGERO-branded recreational cannabis products can be purchased by individuals 21 years of age and older. Wheels Up!