Boring Glory

Located in the stunning foothills of Corbett, Oregon, Boring Glory represents one of Oregon's finest cultivators of cannabis.

From Boring Weed Company to Boring Glory, this long-standing Oregon cannabis cultivator has a rich history that offers a firm salute to their past while blazing trails into the future. With a focus on business to business operations, the core of what they do is founded on outstanding customer relationships first.

“It’s our desire to cater to more of the good people. We will simply focus our efforts on the groups of people that give us the love, and we will go to great lengths to work with those people.”

-Boring Glory ownership

The Boring Glory cannabis operation is maintained by a team of seven operators that function within the communal grow where all tasks and responsibilities are shared. This mindset has reshaped the future of the company and has been integral to the company’s successes. 

The Team operates an efficient production environment while maintaining craft quality standards which result in top tier product. “What we’re learning is how to be the best, and that allows us to offer a significant variety to our customer base, but with the same level of quality we’ve become known for,” commented Brian H. of Boring Glory.

As a producer in the Cannabis Industry, its’ exciting to know what is going on in the world of breeding and genetics. Historically, consumer trends have been driven by high potencies versus terpene profiles and total cannabinoids. While the potencies of the Boring Glory product capture the consumer’s eye, it’s their superior terpene profiles that have simply stolen our hearts. 

Available NOGERO Extracts by Boring Glory