Full Spectrum Extracts

NOGERO produces single origin, strain specific full spectrum extracts derived from only the highest-quality cannabis flowers, buds & trim. Learn More.

Mt. Hood Magic Full Spectrum Extract

Cannabinoids 76.7% Terp 5.86%

Mt. Hood Magic bred by Resin Ranchers of Portland, Oregon is nothing short of magical. Featuring genetics of Northern Lights #5 and Durban Poison, Nogero’s Mt. Magic Full Spectrum Extract features both sweet and spicy notes in this screaming Sativa. Prepare for a certain energy boost and complimentary mood lift as you tackle whatever lies ahead in your day. Wheels Up!

Certificate of Analysis

Ice Cream Man Full Spectrum Extract

Cannabinoids 74.3% Terp 5.43%

The Ice Cream Man has delivered, friends. When you know you know. From your head, to the tips of your toes, this Earl Baker specialty is certain to calm the day. The flavor that greets you is highlighted by a citrusy high-note with a lasting floral aroma, that's accented nicely by a hint of pine. Go light during the day, High Flyers, but at night, full tokes.

Certificate of Analysis

Lemon Meringue Full Spectrum Extract

Cannabinoids 77.1% Terp 5.39%

Lemon Meringue…. The name speaks for itself, High Flyers. This all new Lemon Meringue Full Spectrum Extract features genetics of Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream, and is velvety smooth. Buttery tokes provide for a sweet aroma which fuel this strain's mellow yet focused entourage. Friends, this Sativa marijuana strain bred by Oregon’s one-and-only Earl Baker, it’s truly delicious. 

Certificate of Analysis

Animal Cookies x Kush Mints Full Spectrum Extract

Cannabinoids 75.6% Terp: 5.74%

Relaxation, comfort and calming sensations are the hallmark feelings associated with this strain. Cultivated by Earl Baker out of Salem, Oregon, Animal Cookies x Kush Mints #11 is a smooth toker that presents with a hard hitting high. Embrace the nuance of this mellow-making strain and bid farewell to all the b.s. Wheels up, friends. 

Certificate of Analysis

Runtz Full Spectrum Extract

6.84% Terp 74.1% Cannabinoids

This exclusive Resin Ranchers' Runtz cut has an incredibly fruity flavor profile that smells just like a bag of the sugary candy we all know and love. This Full Spectrum Extract boasts an incredible terpene profile that's both well pronounced and downright smooth.

Certificate of Analysis

Grandpa's Gun Chest Full Spectrum Extract

5.77% Terp 68.8% Cannabinoids

Reminiscent of good times past, Grandpa’s Gun Chest is the resulting union of Animal Mints x Redneck Wedding showcasing premium genetics by Surfr. Cultivated by Boring Glory, this Indica-dominant Hybrid Full Spectrum Extract will find you cruising at high altitude in no time. Wheels up, my friends.

Certificate of Analysis

VVS Chem Full Spectrum Extract

5.24% Terp 78.5% Cannabinoids

Standby for focused relaxation in the midst of your busy routine, High Flyers. Cultivated by JD Grown, VVS Chem is a balanced Hybrid-marijuana strain that’s a cross between Acai Gelato x Chemdawg. As is common with Gelato strains, you’re certain to enjoy our extract’s sweet and fruity aroma accompanied by gassy overtones and distinct citrus notes. 

Certificate of Analysis

Platinum GSC Full Spectrum Extract

10.3% Terp 69.78% Cannabinoids

Platinum GSC is a hybrid-Indica dominant marijuana strain, skillfully grown by Ten Four Farms, that’s a cross between OG Kush X Durban Poison X Unknown Strain. Flat out, you’ll be flat — out! Heavy eyelids, complimented by symmetrical grins and a desire to snack signal you’ve reached full body relaxation. Wheels Up!

Certificate of Analysis

Mango Mints Full Spectrum Extract


Mango Mints is a hybrid-sativa dominant marijuana strain that packs an earthy aroma reminiscent of mangoes balanced with a refreshing variety of bright herbs. Mango Mints is a rare phenotype of Jack Herer and is certain to bring a little Aloha to your day. Mahalo, High Flyers.


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