A NOGERO Difference

Posted on June 27 2022, By: Nathaniel Bruce

When in discussion with dispensaries about our products and how that what we create is truly different than the rest of the market, it’s not uncommon for us to  lead with, “at first, there was Coors & Budweiser, and then along came Sam Adams.” That full-bodied, flavored beer movement wasn’t for everyone, but look what that concept has grown into today. That same approach to cannabis is what NOGERO has harnessed through our technical capabilities, and this is best experienced through any one of our single-origin, strain-specific, full spectrum extracts. 

Flavor & aroma are critical to the cannabis products we create. Flavor is what you taste and aroma is what you smell. Both impact the other! In other words, aroma enhances the flavors certain to dance on your palette. While some extracts feature higher terpene concentrations than others, I would invite you to focus in on the ratios of cannabinoids to terpenes, and really begin to understand which terpenes provide you with the best personal experience. We’re are all different, you know!

Understanding terpenes and their interactions with your body are key to maximizing your user experience. The concentration of terpenes in our extract is highly concentrated, therefore the interaction with your body can also be expected to be much more intense than what you’ve experienced with the same strain in another format or bioavailability.

Simply put, we invite you to taste the difference. 


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