Farms. Why so many?

Posted on September 29 2022, By: Nathaniel Bruce

Why do y'all work with so many different farms? That’s a great question. One that at times I also ask of myself. Farms, the crews that run each farm, the ownership, they’re all so very different. While they all “produce cannabis” under license, the differences amongst each operation have a dramatic difference in the product that consumers have the opportunity to purchase. Even then, retailers represent another opportunity to add value to the journey, or potentially, take away from that journey.

What I’ve come to realize in my short time in the Industry is that farms, brands and retailers that deserve one another, they ultimately do find each other. I for one am a firm believer of putting in the hard work, being diligent, good stewards of opportunity, and of great importance, fostering and maintaining those relationships with the utmost care that allowed you to have relevance to any of what you’re doing in the first place. And with that, here we are…

Learn more about Nogero by visiting our FARMS page. In addition to manufacturing high-craft cannabis products, we dive deep with partner farms that we work with in an effort to bring you, the consumer, closer to cannabis and the supply chain than ever before. Our curiosities are certain to fuel your desires. Stay tuned, folks. 


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