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Posted on March 02 2022, By: Nathaniel Bruce

NOGERO is pleased to introduce an entirely new cannabis experience featuring single-origin, strain-specific, high-terpene, full spectrum extracts (FSE). NOGERO's botanical extraction process only targets the oil soluble components of the cannabis plant resulting in a completely natural product representative of a true full spectrum. Our products are chock-full of the majors & minors (cannabinoids), and accompanied by a delightful terpene profile certain to make the farmer blush.

Our Full Spectrum Extracts are 100% cannabis. For education’s sake, our FSE contains three distinct components, all of which are extracted from the same production batch. These components, or individually extracted parts of the plant can be referred to as "fractions", and they are as follows: (1) terpene fraction, (2) live or cured resin fraction, and (3) the decarboxylated or activated fraction. All three fractions are homogeneously blended to create NOGERO’s Full Spectrum Extracts. Consumers seeking strain specific extracts are certain to fully appreciate NOGERO’s full-flower expression in a pristine oil format.

Delicate products require delicate delivery. As Oregon’s exclusive distributor of The Maxx Vape Delivery System, NOGERO is pleased to offer our listed full spectrum extracts in either a Half-Gram or Full-Gram Maxx Pod format. Bid farewell to flavorless pods!

Oregon Cannabis Consumers venturing to connect with NOGERO's line of Full Spectrum Extracts, we invite you to visit the Store Locator to find a retail shop located near you. 

Stay tuned for future Flight Log entries. Welcome to Nogero. Wheels Up!


  • Annie


    October 12, 2022

    I am a local budtender in Portland, OR and have had the pleasure of sampling some of Nogero’s products. I am an avid cartridge user and these are some of, if not the best carts I’ve ever tried. The extracts are flavorful and potent. I feel confident recommending them to my customers, knowing that they will have a great experience with the product.

  • Andy


    March 03, 2022

    This is super awesome to see! You seem to be an amazing brand and I love what you have put together! Looking forward to seeing these on the market!

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